Spotify limits family changes

Spotify limits the number of family changes you can make in a year with the same account, which is bound to be quite inconvenient or unpleasant when you have to change groups, or if for example you have changed the person who pays, and family members have to join a new invitation.

But there are solutions to avoid this problem, which we describe in this article.

Share your Spotify account

Spotify Duo and Family accounts are provided for sharing. In the Duo offer, you can invite your spouse or roommate. In the Family offer, you can invite up to 5 additional people.


Can I change my Spotify family group?

Yes, at Spotify unlike life, you can change families. Spotify only allows one family change per year.

How do I join another family if I’ve already switched this year?

The solution is to use a different Spotify account, you have two choices:

  • create a new Spotify account using your email address. Most mailboxes (gmail, outlook, hotmail) support aliases. If your email address is an alias can be It is the “+” character that defines the alias. The mails received at the mail address will arrive in your mailbox,
  • You can also create a new Spotify account with a different email address if you use more than one.

If you need to, you can create a Spotify account here

Transfer your old playlists to the new account

Before you log out of the old account, remember to switch the playlists you want to recover to public. To do so, follow these 4 steps in the Spotify application

1. Go to the playlist and click on the 3 little dots


2. A drop-down menu appears, click on “Make public”.
3. When you click on the 3 little dots again, your playlist should be public and show “Make private”.
4. You can then save the link of your playlist somewhere to be able to retrieve it on your new account


5. You can then copy the playlist by clicking on “Create a similar playlist”.
6. Your old playlist will be copied to your new account

How do I join the subscription afterwards?

When you have finished creating your new Spotify account, log in to Spotify. Finally, you can click on the invitation link provided by the share organizer to join your new subscription.

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