Youtube and Google

Youtube is owned by Google, so the two environments are very closely linked. You can share your Youtube account with the Google One application for example on Android or iPhone but also on the web here. You have your Google Control Center that allows you to manage your entire environment.

How to share Google One subscription?

We explained it all to you here 😊

How to leave a family group?

Go to your Google family here

access his profile on his google family

You appear at the top (our account is Sharesub 1), click on the small logo on the right: >

action to leave his family Google

Google asks you to confirm that you want to leave the “Google family

Request confirmation to leave your Google One family

Google explains what you will lose and we give you some precautions before leaving

Confirmation that your choice to leave the Google One family has been taken into account

You will then have a password confirmation to enter, and then you should have this page pop up promoting Google Family. This means that you have left the Google family;

How to change Google family administrator?

Google does not yet offer the possibility to change the administrator of the Google family. If you wish you can delete the family and create a new one with an administrator, but you will lose all the benefits, advantages and functionality while the new family is being created. We do not recommend deleting a family to create a new one. Choose the family administrator carefully from the beginning. Remember to check that this Google account is secure. For this reason, we recommended in another article the use of a password manager or a tool that allows you to secure your activity on the Internet.

What are the advantages of Google One?

Google One is the grouping of all Google applications and features. It allows you to have all your subscriptions in one place. Back up all your precious photos on Google Photos. Take advantage of the application’s algorithms, editing and processing features with your Google One subscription. Enjoy even more storage space up to 30,000 GB.

Who has access to my drive?

You and you alone. No one else but you via your email address and your Google account has access to your Drive. This also applies to your Google mails but also to your photos stored on the Google Photos application. The only information the family administrator has access to is your Google email address and the storage usage of the “Google Family”, all of which is presented as below:

Storage distribution of your Google subscription, seen by an administrator

How do I join another family if I’ve already switched this year?

In fact, Google allows you to change families only once in a 12-month rolling period. The workaround is to use a different Gmail (Google) account, then you have two choices:

  • the first and easiest one, you use your new Google account for Youtube and the old one for the rest.
  • more technical, you keep only this new account and make the migration of your old google account with a transfer of your mailbox.

You can also create your own family and share your subscription on Sharesub.

What other platform than Youtube does this?

The same mode of operation is on Spotify 🎧

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