When will this subscription arrive?

This subscription should be released in early 2023, Netflix has not communicated clearly on it. Until this new package is released, many cheaper Netflix subscriptions remain available here.

What changes with this subscription?

Advertising is coming to Netflix! Every hour, you’ll get a short break containing commercials. The various sources estimate the advertising break at 4 minutes.

How much will this new subscription cost?

Today the cheapest subscription offered by Netflix in France is the Essential package. This Essential Tariff costs 8.99ÔéČ today, but does not benefit from HD. This new subscription should be about 40% cheaper than the Standard subscription, which is in HD, and will be charged around 8ÔéČ.

What are the advantages apart from the price?

If you want a Netflix subscription but don’t use it much, this could be a good package. On the quality and definition of screen, they should remain very good, surely in 1920×1080 (High Definition).

Is it regulated?

The law in France sets the limit of commercials to 9 minutes per hour. Netflix may be able to add a few more minutes per hour, however.

Where will the ads be?

The ads should be put on all the movies and series of the catalog, during the viewings. You won’t end up with a page of ads.

Will we be able to share / join this subscription on Sharesub?

Netflix has not yet communicated on the number of user(s) that will be able to use this package simultaneously.

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