Terms of Service

Creating and managing a shared subscription

The properly connected and identified user, hereafter named “user” or “creator” can create a shared subscription freely after acceptance of the general terms of use. During this creation, the user must fill in the required fields:

  • A name for the shared subscription
  • Possibly some illustrative images
  • An explicit description of the shared subscription
  • A description of the restrictions and conditions to access to the subscription.
  • The full name of the organizer of the shared subscription
  • The price of the shared subscription
  • The number of participants allowed
  • Recurrence (weekly, bimonthly, monthly, quarterly)
  • The price sharing model
  • Any information necessary for co-subscribers to enjoy the benefits of the shared subscription. These will only be displayed to the users after confirmation of the receipt of the payment.
  • The duration is not required, as you may stop the subscription at any moment from your account.

The name of the shared subscription, the full name of the user and the description must be filled in carefully. These fields determine the purpose of the mandate given by the co-subscribers to the creator of the shared subscription. Their content is the sole responsibility of the organizer.

A number of options, including the amount of the participations, the existence of a dialogue wall on the page of the shared subscription as well as the visibility of co-subscribers for one another, are at the discretion of the creator of the shared subscription. The creator can also decide that his pot is public. In that case, only guests can then access and participate in the shared subscription.

Non-compliant or illicit shared subscription

The creator undertakes not to organize unlawful shared subscription. In particular, shared subscriptions giving access to illegal services, or to services which do not allow sharing in their general terms of sale, are regarded as non-compliant subscriptions.

Sharesub reserves the right to suspend the shared subscription at any time and for any motive, and to suspend the creator account in case of non-compliance with these Terms of Use, or if the co-subscribers reports to the company’s customer service are negative.

Sharesub also reserves the right to block funds collected for an indefinite period and reserves the right to reimburse the participants, with the exception of the commission charged for management fees.