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Tidal Hifi
Tidal Hifi
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Boulogne, Argentina
With Tidal Hifi, you benefit from a catalog of more than 70 million titles, with exceptional Hifi + quality, guaranteed by the use of the FLAC codec. You also have access to events, and music videos.
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Frequently asked questions
Subscription's owner
If you wish to share the cost of your subscription, the cost of the service is entirely free. There is no hidden fee: all the money you collect will be entirely delivered to your bank account.
Subscription's participants
When you join the subscription, you will pay the price of your place in the subscription, as determined by the owner, and a small management fee of 0.39€ + 4.5% commission to cover the payment and service cost.
Yes, it is legal to share a subscription. And there are many who didn't wait to do it. The content or service providers themselves allow you to share, such as Spotify with Premium family or duo plans. In case of doubt, check the terms and conditions of these services or our online guides. Sharesub only offers the ability to manage refunds for these sharing groups and make them easier and more secure for you.
No worries, we have planned for this. It doesn't matter if you have created or joined a shared subscription, you may choose to cancel it anytime. Of course, we do not recommand changing your mind too often as it may disappoint the participants in your groups, but you have the complete control over your expenses and your earnings.
If you're the owner of the subscription, terminating it will notify your group and stop payments.
If you've joined a group, your cancellation will stop the payments and notify the owner so he may share your place to someone else.
Yes, each shared subscription benefits from group instant messaging, which allows you to chat with the owner and participants. This chat is encrypted and confidential.