Qobuz Studio Premier Family

The Qobuz audio streaming offer is probably the one with the highest sound quality in the world. Its catalog of 80 million music tracks in FLAC quality, with bitrates up to 192 kHz is clearly the first choice for audiophiles and owners of premium audio equipment. Its editorial content, around album reviews, interviews and other articles, is also an original and interesting proposition. It is also the most expensive solution for streaming, because the quality is paid for, but its family offer is shared by 6 and allows you to have a minimum price per person.
  • Qobuz Studio Premier Famille
    by Thibaud T. Verified identity Verified account
    Paris, France
    Created the 2022/05/25
    1/5 Subscription(s) available
    4.74€ monthly
  • Qobuz Studio Premier Famille
    by Romain D. Verified account
    Herbeys, France
    Created the 2022/06/27
    5/5 Subscription(s) available
    4.74€ monthly