Sharing your Deezer Family account can be the right plan, as it allows you to enjoy 6 independent accounts, and connect up to 13 devices to the main account and pay only 2,98€ per month!

Deezer Family allows you to benefit from all the advantages of Deezer premium, i.e. unlimited music without ads, to listen to music on up to 13 devices, to save on the premium offer, but above all to have 6 independent accounts!

Description of Deezer’s prices and services

There are many Deezer packages:

  • The free formula (advertising, internet connection required)
  • Deezer Premium 9.99€/month(ad-free, offline)
  • Deezer Hifi 19.99€/month(best possible sound quality, Deezer Premium benefits)
  • Deezer Student 4.99€/month(reserved for 18-25 years old, Deezer Premium benefits)
  • Deezer Family 14.99€/month(connection to 6 devices, Deezer Premium benefits)

How many devices can I use an account on?

A Deezer Family account can be used on up to 13 devices. However, you can’t create more than 6 profiles that can listen to their music simultaneously.

Don’t wait any longer, and join an account on Sharesub, the subscription sharing site, to reduce your costs.

Actions to take to share your account

To share your deezer family account, it is best to do so by invitation:

  • Log in to your deezer account from your computer or cell phone
  • In the upper right corner, click on your profile picture
  • From your computer, go to the “FamilyMember” tab
  • From your mobile click on “Favorites” then “Settings“.
  • In the “FamilyMember” section, click on “Add a member“.
  • Then choose “Send an invitation“, then copy the link and send it to your friend.

If you are the friend in question:

  • Click on the link received
  • Create or login to your account
  • Click on “Yes this is my account“.
  • And finally get started

If you choose to share your account by providing your information and credentials, your account partner also becomes an administrator.

If you have received the owner’s credentials:

  • Log in to your account
  • Go to settings
  • Click on “Change profile“.
  • Go to your profile if it already exists, or create one

That’s it! You have all the keys to share your Deezer Family account.

How much can I save with a shared account?

If you share the service with 5 people, you will be 6 to listen to your music without interruption. This represents a cost of 3€ per person per month and above all represents a saving of 84€ per year compared to the individual Deezer Premium offer.

Sharesub is a platform that allows you to split the costs of all your subscriptions with your friends, family, colleagues. You can easily enter all your accounts in our interface, and send an invitation to your contacts or find co-subscribers. You will finally get your money back every month without having to do any reminders!

A few words about Deezer

Deezer is a music streaming platform that allows you to listen to your music anywhere, without a connection, with no limit. Simple and fun, Deezer allows you to listen to playlists or even create them according to your musical tastes. Millions of titles are available, for all age groups and cultural backgrounds.

Deezer is compatible on 13 devices. Thus, you can listen to your music on phone, computers, Apple Watch, Xbox, Amazon Alexa, Google Home…

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