Tired of repeated ads, but can’t afford 50 subscriptions? Opt for a shared YouTube Premium subscription.

With the YouTube Premium Family subscription, you can share your account with up to 5 co-members. Thanks to this, you save money while enjoying the premium YouTube service, and you pay no more than 3€ per month!

Here we explain everything you need to know to make this saving.

Youtube Premium services prices

YouTube premium allows you to enjoy unlimited music without ads by logging in on any device. YouTube premium also includes YouTube Music.

Google offers two types of subscriptions:

  • YouTube Premium: €12.99/month, gives you access to YouTube Premium services. Much too expensive for one person!
  • YouTube Premium Family: €23.99/month, allows you to enjoy all YouTube Premium services in the same way:
    • Watching ad-free videos
    • Download videos to watch offline
    • Background playback
    • YouTube Music Premium
    • YouTube Originals

On how many devices or accounts can I use the same Family subscription?

  • YouTube Premium: you will have to be content with being the only one to pay for this service.
  • YouTube Premium Family: the subscription can be used by up to 6 people simultaneously. Please note that these people must have their account in the same country.

Actions to take to share your account

To share your Youtube Premium account, simply share a link:

  • Login to your Youtube account
  • In the upper right corner, click on your profile
  • Go to the “Paid subscriptions” section
  • Then click on “Manage“.
  • Finally, click on the three small dots at the top right of the window that opens and go to family sharing settings
  • Add a member by clicking on Invite Family Member
  • Enter the email address of the member you want to add and send.

The member will receive the link by email, he will only have to follow the instructions.

How much can I save with a shared account?

If you’re considering sharing a YouTube Premium subscription subscription within the Family offer, there’s a tempting option on the horizon. This formula allows a group of 6 people, including you, to enjoy the full benefits without interruption. The individual cost is thus reduced to €2.99, embodying not only astute financial management but also substantial annual savings of €108 compared with the Premium Solo subscription. This sharing strategy illustrates a collaborative approach, optimizing the YouTube Premium experience for every member of the group.

Don’t wait any longer, and join an account on Sharesub, the subscription sharing site, to reduce your costs.

Sharesub is a platform that allows you to split the costs of all your subscriptions with your friends, family, colleagues. You can easily enter all your accounts in our interface, and send an invitation to your contacts or find co-subscribers. You will finally get your money back every month without having to do any reminders!

For whom is a YouTube Premium account ideal?

I take this subscription if :

  • I am allergic to advertising! Especially in the evening when I play my playlists.
  • I’m often on the move, have a cardboard internet connection or need to pass the time on a plane.
  • I listen to a lot of music on YouTube on my phone and I would like to be able to consult other apps at the same time
  • I’m a fan of the youtubers featured in the Originals content

Is it safe to share my Youtube Premium account?

Yes, Google has designed the sharing in a very convenient and secure way. Each user has their own google account (often linked to their gmail address), and all the sharing organizer has to do is add this email to the google interface for the user to enjoy the benefits of premium. No password exchange!

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