Want to know what your friend’s listening to, make amazing playlists together? Just add a friend on Spotify. We’ll show you step-by-step in just a few clicks + a bonus tip to help you and your friend spend less money on your Spotify subscription 😎

How do I add someone to Spotify?

To add friends on Spotify, start by using the ‘Filter by name’ function in the search bar. Simply type your friend’s name to find their profile. Once located, you can subscribe to his profile by clicking on the character icon next to his name. This will allow you to follow his musical activities and view his public playlists.

For even faster searching, link your Spotify account to your Facebook account. This integration lets you quickly see which Facebook friends are also on Spotify and easily add them.

Finally, to manage who can see your listening activity, Spotify gives you the option of blocking users. This can be useful if you want to keep your activity private, or if you don’t want a certain person following your musical activity. To block a user, simply visit their profile, click on the three dots next to the tracking icon and select ‘Block’.

How do I find a friend on Spotify?

There are two main ways to quickly locate a friend on Spotify:

  1. Use the ‘Filter by name’ function: In Spotify’s search bar, type your friend’s full or partial name. This function helps you filter results and quickly identify the profile you’re looking for. Once found, you can access his profile to follow his playlists and musical activities.
  2. Link your account to Facebook: By linking your Spotify account to your Facebook account, you can see a list of your Facebook friends who also use Spotify. This integration makes it much easier to find and add friends, as you can add them directly from this list without having to search for their name manually.

These methods allow you to stay connected with your friends and share your musical tastes more easily.

Manage social network integration and preferences on Spotify

To personalize your Spotify experience and control what your friends can see, access your account settings. Here’s how it works:

  1. Activate or deactivate the ‘See what your friends are listening to’ function: Go to the privacy settings of your Spotify account. Here you can choose whether or not to share your listening activities with your friends. If you prefer more private listening, simply deactivate this option.
  2. Manage Facebook connection: If your Spotify account is linked to Facebook, you can manage this connection in your account settings. This lets you control whether your Facebook friends can see you on Spotify and access your public playlists. To adjust these settings, go to the ‘Social networks’ section of your Spotify settings and change the permissions to suit your preferences.

These adjustments will help you maintain your desired level of privacy while enjoying the social connectivity Spotify offers.

Collaborative features on Spotify

Spotify enriches the music experience with collaborative features that enable people to share and discover music together, even from a distance. Here are two key options for Premium users:

  1. Group Session: This feature allows up to five Premium subscribers to join a remote listening session. Each participant can control playback, and add or remove tracks from the queue, offering a collective listening experience, even when you’re not physically together.
  2. Jam: For those who like real-time interaction, Jam lets you add songs to a shared queue. This creates a group dynamic where each participant can influence the live playlist, adding a personal touch to the shared listening experience.

In addition to these options, Spotify offers the possibility of creating collaborative playlists. You can invite friends to add, delete and rearrange tracks in a shared playlist. This transforms playlist creation into a social activity, enriching your musical experience with the diverse tastes of your friends.

These features transform individual listening into a shared experience, strengthening bonds through music. Whether it’s a long-distance party or discovering new songs together, Spotify makes it easy to connect with friends.

Integrate Sharesub to save on your Spotify subscription

Sharesub offers a clever way to reduce Spotify subscription fees by legally sharing accounts with other users. By joining a sharing group on Sharesub, you can access Spotify Premium at a reduced price, sharing costs with other group members without compromising security or legality. This model not only generates substantial savings, but also reinforces the community aspect of music listening.

For those who have seats available in their Spotify subscription, Sharesub offers a platform where you can offer these seats to other interested users. This helps you maximize the use of your subscription while recouping part of your monthly investment. Using Sharesub for Spotify subscription sharing is simple: create an account, join or form a sharing group, and start saving money while enjoying your playlists and Spotify’s social features to the full.


1. Can I see what my friends are listening to on Spotify in real time?

Yes, you can see in real time what your friends are listening to on Spotify by activating the “See what your friends are playing” feature in the application’s settings. This allows you to discover new music and stay in touch with your friends’ musical activities.

2. How can I create a collaborative playlist with my friends on Spotify?

To create a collaborative playlist, create a new playlist and activate the “Collaborative” option. Then invite your friends to join the playlist by sharing the link or adding them directly from the Spotify application.

3. Are there privacy options to control who can see my activities on Spotify?

Yes, you can control who can see your activity on Spotify by adjusting your privacy settings. Go to your account’s privacy settings and choose who can see your listening, playing and sharing activities on the platform.

4. How do I remove a friend from my Spotify list?

To remove a friend from your Spotify list, access your friends list, find the profile of the friend you wish to remove, and press the “Remove” or “Unfollow” option.

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