You have an Apple TV + subscription and want to share it to save money? Or you hesitate to subscribe because of the price: you could share with your friends!

One of the main video streaming platform

Apple TV is a relatively new video streaming platform, the American giant having decided to enter this competitive market with the aim of offering original Apple programs a little after the others. Like its main competitor Netflix, Apple TV offers many films and series, including exclusive programs in which major American stars appear.

Prices from € 4.99

The price of the Apple TV + subscription defies all competition and is among the cheapest on the market:

  1. Apple TV + at € 4.99 / month

This is the cheapest offer among the streaming giants. Despite a library that is currently less extensive than its competitors, Apple TV continues to enrich its catalog with new series: For all mankind, Little America, The morning show, or documentaries like Tiny World.

Cool info, there is a one-week trial period available to new users. And right now, with any purchase of an Apple device, you even get one year of Apple TV + subscription! This offer is for a limited time, hurry up.

How to share your Apple TV + account?

For the owner of Apple TV +

On IPhone or iPad

  1. Go to your Settings, then click on your ICloud account
  2. Then select “Family sharing”
  3. Click on “Add” , then on “Invite”
  4. Enter the ICloud address of your loved ones with whom you want shared the Apple TV +
  5. Send the invitation
  6. At the top left, click on the apple
  7. Press “System Preferences”
  8. Select “Family Sharing”
  9. Click on the “+”, then enter the ICloud email address of the co-subscriber

For the co-subscriber:

If you have received your invitation by email, SMS or IMessage, click on the invitation link, log into your ICloud account and then follow the instructions to benefit from sharing the Apple TV + subscription .

Usable up to 6 devices

You can share your Apple TV + account with up to 6 devices (including the subscription owner). Each account will be individual by logging into their personal ICloud account.

Good deal: It is possible to download and watch each of your favorite programs offline (excluding television).

Is it risky to share a subscription?

The subscription is shared by invitation; you do not share your username or password under any circumstances. So you can sleep soundly!

Sharing your Apple TV + account is absolutely legal because Apple’s platform offers it. Do not hesitate to consult their terms and conditions to find out more.

How much can I save with a shared account?

The Apple TV + subscription is € 4.99 / month . Depending on the number of members, you can reduce your bill by 6! This amounts to a TV + subscription for less than € 1 per month . You can’t find cheaper.

And even if you are not 6, you will save at least 2.50 € per month!

How do I share the subscription fees with my co-subscribers?

Apple TV + does not offer to split costs among members of a plan, but you can quite simply share those costs by signing up on Sharesub.

By entering some information on the subscription, you will obtain a sharing link: this link will allow your co-subscribers to enter their payment card and a monthly debit will be made to credit your account.

Share this opportunity with those around you with an Apple TV + account & nbsp; at a very low cost, by sending them a Sharesub share link! You will be loved.

Why Sharesub?

Sharesub is a platform that allows you to split the costs of all your subscriptions with your friends, family, colleagues. You can easily enter all of your accounts in our interface, and send an invitation to your contacts. You are reimbursed without having to think about it!

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