Can we still share Netflix in 2024?

Yes, it’s always possible! You’ll still be able to enjoy your favorite films and series, and share them with family and friends. This means a cost increase of €5.99 per subscriber, but you’ll still be able toadd subscribers outside your household, depending on the package you choose. We’ll tell you all about it below!

💡You can involve subscribers in the costs incurred. Netflix doesn’t offer shared payment, but with the Sharesub subscription-sharing site, you can easily ask the group for an automatic share paid every month.

What is an additional co-subscriber?

Netflix account holders can purchase an additional Subscriber option and invite people outside their household to use Netflix. An additional co-subscriber has :

  • your own account and password..,
  • a unique profile,
  • a dedicated video stream

So he has a truly independent account! The difference is that this account is paid for by the main account holder, who pays €5.99 per month.

  • With the Standard package, you can invite 1 out-of-home subscriber
  • With the Premium package, you can invite 2 (for 2 x €5.99)

It’s a significant surcharge, but if you share your Netflix account on Sharesub, the subscriber takes over part of the cost of your main subscription and the full price of the option, reducing your Netflix spend while still being a good deal for everyone! 😃

➡️ Simply create your “Netflix + subscribers” share on Sharesub and send your friends the link for the company to manage all monthly payments. By sharing your free seats outside the home, you’ll reduce your Netflix costs by several euros.

How do I add an Additional Subscriber on Netflix?

  • On your Account page, go to “Buy an additional subscriber option”.
  • This page will be displayed and you can click “Next”.
  • Check and confirm your new payment amount and billing date.
  1. Select“Activate additional subscriber“.
  2. Set up your additional subscriber by entering his or her name, e-mail address and your name. (We will use this information to send him the invitation e-mails). Indicate whether you wish to transfer an existing profile or let the additional subscriber create a new profile.

The additional subscriber receives an e-mail from Netflix containing a unique invitation link (you will receive a notification as soon as the additional subscriber has activated their account).

You can also click on“Additional subscribers” > “Manage additional subscribers” to copy the invitation link and send it directly to the person concerned via Sharesub chat.

When will Netflix ban account sharing?

This isn’t planned at all, since Netflix has proposed a new system that allows out-of-home account sharing in exchange for a paid option.

Account sharing is done in this new form with the additional subscriber feature.

The advantage is that you no longer need to share your password and email to share your account: all you have to do is send an invitation by email. Your new additional subscriber will have access to the same features and content as you 😉

⚠️ Please note: this subscriber must indicate that he/she lives in the same country as you from his/her account for this to work.

How do I keep sharing Netflix?

This additional account solution allows you to continue lending your Netflix account.

However, not all accounts are subject to the same rules, depending on where you live, or even on the device you use. So you can still find Netflix subscriptions for €5 a month that are not affected by the price changes, or if you only use them on media other than TV.

How will Netflix check accounts?

Netflix has not specifically communicated its control method. They do, however, have access to your IP address, as well as other information about our usage. Specifically, they have your connection history, the IP addresses of the devices from which you’ve connected, with the various locations associated, and the profiles used according to the different devices.

However, this can lead to unwanted blocking, especially if your IP address changes frequently, as is the case with Orange or SFR internet boxes. We imagine that this complicates Netflix’s rules, and that for this reason, blockages will be few and far between.

How do I share my Netflix on Sharesub?

It’s as easy as 1 minute by following the guide below ⬇️

🆕 Update: Discover the latest Netflix features from May 24, 2023! 🌟

What are the different Netflix offers

The offers available on the Netflix website are as follows

🐀 Netflix with ads: €5.99/month

  • Films and series with advertising
  • Limited availability of content
  • Unlimited access to mobile games

🎖️ Netflix Standard: €13.49/month

  • Unlimited, ad-free movies, series and mobile games
  • Viewing on 2 devices at once
  • Full HD quality
  • Download to 2 devices at once
  • Add an extra subscriber for €5.99/month

🏆 Netflix Premium: €17.99/month

  • Unlimited, ad-free movies, series and mobile games
  • Viewing on 4 devices at once
  • Ultra HD quality
  • Download to 6 devices at a time
  • Add up to 2 additional subscribers for €5.99/month per subscriber

Can more than one person watch Netflix?

If you choose Netflix’s Standard or Premium packages, you can watch your favorite programs and content simultaneously on 2 or 4 devices. Don’t be fooled by the number of profiles available: you can create more profiles than people can view content at the same time.

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