CANAL+ subscriptions include all of the group’s Original Creations, US and European series and the entire STARZPLAY catalog. All current series: HBO series with OCS, access to the entire Disney+, Netflix, Lionsgate+ catalogs and all CANAL+ Original Creations. Discover thousands of newspapers and magazines, articles selected by enthusiasts: Cafeyn, Télérama.

How to get a cheap Canal+ subscription?

With Sharesub, share the cost of your subscriptions! Depending on the Canal+ subscription package you choose, you can benefit from a 25% to 75% discount on your subscription. Save between €250 and €300 by sharing your Canal+ subscription.

Recover your Canal+ login details

Once you have subscribed to Canal+ on Sharesub. You will find the connection information in the details of your subscription.

find the connection information for your canal plus account: email address and password

How to connect to my CANAL+ account?

Time required: 2 minutes.

Log in to your Canal+ account

  1. Visit the Canal+ website

    On the website, in the upper right corner you can click on “Login”.home page canal plus avec la possibilité de se connecter

  2. Log on to

    You can enter your email and password to log in. Then click on the “Validate” buttonpage de connexion canal+

  3. Check your connection

    You will be redirected to another page. If you have access to the “My account” button on the top right and to the profiles on the top, it means that you are successfully connected to your Canal+ accountmenu déroulant canal plus une fois connecté

How do I know if my Canal Plus subscription is activated?

To do this you will need to log in, if you are still not logged in, follow the instructions above. Once you have clicked on“My Account“, you will have access to the“Manage My Subscription” button. If you click on it, you will be redirected to your Canal+ subscription management site

You will then find your “formula and my options”, in the case below we see that a subscription“Canal+ & Cine Series” is active.

How to watch Canal Plus on a smartphone and tablet?

It is necessary to have downloaded the myCanal application

Once you have the application on the device of your choice, you can access it. Insert your email address and password, you will access the Canal+ homepage with the latest news and the different categories.

You can select the movie or series of your choice and enjoy it directly. You can watch Canal+ on PC, smartphone, tablet, Android TV, Apple TV, PS5, Xbox One/Series X and Chromecast.

How to watch Canal Plus on TV?

When you want to connect, you will be asked for a code. For example for Samsung it is done in a few steps, the principle is the same for all other brands: https: //

For Netflix and Disney+ the operation is identical.

How to activate Canal Plus on TV?

Some connected televisions directly support the Canal+ application, in this case, connect directly to the television.

You can also add Canal+ to the box of your operator (Orange, Free, SFR, Bouygues …). This operation can be a little more technical and may require some manipulations on the side of the box of your operator. You may not be able to connect directly to your operator’s box.

The easiest way is to share (cast) the video on the device of your choice from your mobile device, smartphone, tablet, computer on which you have the myCanal application.

Once you are on the program you want to watch, click on the icon circled in red in the image above.

⚠️ To share your content on the TV from a mobile device it is necessary that the bluetooth of the mobile device and the TV are activated and both are connected to the same WIFI network.

Why can’t I connect to Canal Plus?

  1. Make sure you have filled in the connection information provided by the subscription owner.
  2. Check that your internet connection is properly established.
  3. Contact the owner of the subscription on the dedicated chat to inform him about this malfunction.
contact the owner of the Sharesub subscription

If none of the above solutions work, you can contact Sharesub support by email at

Who can I share my Canal+ access with

A subscription on Sharesub offers the right to one seat. Indeed Canal+ allows to watch their content on 2 to 4 screens simultaneously. You risk blocking another user or getting blocked if you don’t respect this rule.

I still need help

Do not hesitate to contact the Sharesub support which will be able to help you in these technical steps.

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