The announcement has been made! The successor to MyTF1 is called… TF1+! 📣
This streaming service lets you follow the latest news, immerse yourself in a series or different shows.
This article will tell you all about the new TF1+ streaming service.

TF1+ offer

What is TF1+?

At a time when streaming is redrawing the contours of our daily lives, TF1+ is proving to be a new adventure in this constantly evolving universe. As the successor to MyTF1, this service doesn’t just take up the torch; it embellishes it. Enriched with new features, TF1+ promises a smoother user experience, an intuitive interface and enhanced accessibility. Whether it’s hit series, live programs or exclusive documentaries, TF1+ offers a plethora of content to suit all tastes.

Pricing and Subscription

Accessibility is at the heart of TF1+’s philosophy. With its flexible pricing model, TF1+ can be adapted to any budget. Subscription options range from a monthly subscription at €5.99, offering flexibility and freedom, to an annual commitment at €59.99, ideal for avid viewers looking to save money. The icing on the cake is a 7-day trial period, allowing undecided viewers to dive into the world of TF1+ with no immediate commitment.

TF1+ benefits

The major advantage of TF1+? A world without advertising. Imagine a world where your favorite programs are no longer interrupted by commercial breaks. That’s what TF1+ offers, a comfort bubble where content comes first. What’s more, with TF1+ available on a multitude of devices – smartphones, tablets, connected TVs – you can watch it wherever you want. Add to this exclusive offers and previews, and TF1+ becomes a must-have for fans of French television.

Comparison with MYTF1 MAX

Similarities and differences

With all the new streaming services on the market, it’s essential to understand the nuances between TF1+ and MYTF1 MAX. These two platforms, although from the same company, have their own specificities. In terms of content, both services offer a wide range of programs, but TF1+ stands out for its offer of never-before-seen series and early access to certain content. In terms of functionality, MYTF1 MAX paved the way with a solid offering, but TF1+ transcends it with a more modern interface and enhanced user experience. In terms of pricing, while both services are available at comparable prices, TF1+ offers more flexible subscription packages, tailored to a variety of needs and budgets.

Transition from MYTF1 MAX to TF1+

The transition from MYTF1 MAX to TF1+ is a smooth one, designed with loyal subscribers in mind. If you’re already a MYTF1 MAX subscriber, expect a smooth transition to TF1+ Premium. This automatic transition means you’ll instantly benefit from all the new features and enhancements of TF1+ without any extra effort. It’s TF1’s way of thanking its users for their loyalty, and getting them on board for this new TV adventure.

Save on your subscription with Sharesub

How Sharesub can help

In a world where the collaborative economy is gaining ground, Sharesub is an ideal ally for optimizing your subscription costs. Imagine being able to share the cost of your TF1+ subscription with others, reducing your monthly financial burden. Sharesub offers this opportunity, legally and securely. Subscription sharing, far from being a gray area, is becoming a community act, a smart way to take full advantage of streaming services while controlling your budget. With Sharesub, TF1+ becomes not only more accessible, but also more user-friendly, by creating communities of users sharing common interests.

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