All about sharing your Proton VPN subscription

Do you need to protect your privacy when connecting to the Internet via a smartphone, a desktop computer or a connected TV? You can count on Proton VPN. Definition of the tool, its functioning, its advantages and disadvantages, we tell you everything!

What is Proton VPN?

With Proton VPN, your personal data is safe on any connected device. The service advocates online freedom by breaking down geographical barriers and censorship. The provider emphasizes a transparent and strict privacy policy. Thanks to the VPN features, your IP address and data are fully encrypted. No third party can spy on your online activity.
The alternatives to Proton VPN are ExpressVPN, NordVPN and CyberGhost. However, when it comes to quality of service, transparency and security, Proton VPN remains unbeatable. This tool offers an easy handling and an optimal use as well as the ergonomics of the applications.

What type of subscription plan for maximum connection?

Proton VPN allows several different devices to connect to the VPN simultaneously, depending on the subscription plan used. The breakdown of this distribution is as follows:

  • The free version: with this one you can connect a single device to the VPN with medium speed. This means that with this plan, you do not have the ability to connect multiple devices at once. Thanks to the free subscription, you will have an idea about the potentialities of the VPN.
  • The basic plan: by opting for this one, you will be able to connect two devices to the VPN. This means that a single VPN account protects the privacy of two devices that are connected at the same time.
    Obviously, the risks associated with sharing between the owner and the co-subscribers are more significant, as the data is shared among several people at once. You can still get around them without worrying with Kill, Logs, Secure Code, Protocols and NetShield.

How to share the application?

Before sharing Proton VPN, make sure you have subscribed to one of the following three basic options:

  • 1 month at 9,99 €;
  • 1 year at €5.99 (i.e. -40% discount compared to the monthly package);
  • 2 years at 4,99 € (-50%).
    With Proton Plus, you have a large number of servers located in a wider range of locations with the fastest speed by the provider. You also get access to support for streaming platforms and features like VPN Secure Core or Tor via VPN: this is the ultimate ProtonVPN experience.
    Proton Unlimited: This plan offers you all the benefits of the Proton Plus Plan and much more:
  • Proton Mail Plus: encrypted email;
  • Proton Drive: the secure encrypted cloud with 5 GB of total storage (synchronized with ProtonMail) ;
  • Proton Calendar: with 20 calendars and calendar sharing.
    To share your Proton VPN account, you must use a password provided for this purpose.

To share Proton VPN on Sharesub, simply share your credentials in your Sharesub subscription details.

🔐 Your credentials are saved with end-to-end encryption, and will only be visible to you and your subscribers, as well as Sharesub customer service if necessary. If you need to provide a password, make sure it is unique and not used on any of your other accounts.

By filling it in, you give access to the administration of your subscription. Your sharing links are secure and limit access to people you have authorized.

On the Sharesub subscription sharing site, joining a Proton VPN shared sub’ is simple and easy. In addition, you can reduce costs and fees. Result: you save on your budget!

Its advantages and disadvantages

Proton VPN helps unblock websites and bypass geographic restrictions for family members or co-workers in an office. Apart from all this, the benefits of using Proton VPN on multiple devices are considerable:

  • The tool offers excellent performance and privacy in all situations.
  • It works with Netflix and other streaming providers in countries that are restricted (smooth operations).
  • It offers Torrenting with zero risk.
  • It contributes to the optimization of the Internet.
    Its most reported disadvantages are the higher price compared to the competition. The number of servers is also limited according to some users.

The best performing browser with Proton VPN

A successful marriage that provides the expected effects: that of Mozilla and Proton VPN. Browsing Firefox, you will discover the VPN named Proton VPN.

Downloading Proton VPN on Windows

It is important to know that Proton VPN is compatible with operating systems like Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS. To download the application for free, a registration is required to create a Proton VPN account. When the application is downloaded, double-click on the file to open the installation and start it. You will be guided through the entire process.

A little history on Proton VPN

Proton, based in Switzerland, is an expert in online security. His first experience is an open source and encrypted messaging service called CryptonMail. It was developed by CERN engineers with expertise in cryptography. Years later, Proton VPN was born. True to the company’s commitment, it provides a serious and reliable model, which expels it to the rank of the big VPN giants.

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