Would you like to be kept up to date with local news on a daily basis?

In this article, we take a look at the Est Républicain newspaper and how subscription sharing can help you pay less 😎

The importance of supporting local journalism

As a subscriber, your commitment directly supports quality local journalism and enables you to benefit from comprehensive and diverse news coverage, enhanced by content specially designed for you.

In an age wheninformation flows freely and rapidly around the world, local journalism is invaluable. It bridges the gap between communities and current affairs, offering a unique perspective on events that directly affect people’s daily lives. Supporting local journalism, such as that offered by L’Est Républicain, means playing an active part in preserving a rich and informed social fabric.

Local journalists are often the first on the scene of regional events, ready to report the facts with accuracy and commitment. Their proximity to the subjects they cover enables them to bring a layer of analysis and understanding often lacking in the major national or international media. By subscribing to a local newspaper, readers ensure the continuity of this intimate look at their region, while supporting a local economy.

Local journalism also plays a crucial role in democracy, highlighting issues of direct concern to voters and holding local authorities to account for their actions. This citizen oversight is the foundation of a transparent and equitable society.

The different subscription formulas

L’Est Républicain offers a variety of subscription options to meet the diverse needs of its readers, fromessential digital access to packages combining paper and digital. Whether you prefer to read the news online or hold the newspaper in your hand, there’s an offer just for you.

  • Numérique Essentielle: This package gives you access to all articles on the website and app for just €1 for the first month, then €9.99/month with no commitment. It includes connection for up to 2 devices and digital newspapers from 5 a.m., as well as gifts and invitations with LeCLUB, and limited display advertising.
  • Numérique Premium: For a richer experience, opt for Numérique Premium at €1 for the first month, then €14.99/month. This option offers everything the Essentielle does, but with a connection for up to 4 devices and access to digital newspapers from 5 a.m. onwards.
  • Paper + Digital: The most complete package, combining the paper newspaper delivered to your door and all the advantages of Premium Digital for €41.70/month, with no commitment. Ideal for those who appreciate traditional newspaper reading while enjoying the benefits of digital technology.
  • Other offers : In addition to these main formulas, L’Est Républicain offers customizable gift cards, a paper offer starting at €8.99, a Pro offer for companies and local authorities, a personalized press review, the spoken newspaper for the visually impaired, and a subscription to the magazine “Jeux en Famille” for family fun.

Each subscription option is designed to fit your lifestyle and the way you consume information, ensuring that you stay informed in a convenient and enjoyable way.

Exclusive content for subscribers

A subscription to L’Est Républicain offers much more than just access to daily news. By becoming a subscriber, you unlock a world of exclusive content designed to enrich your reading experience and connect you more deeply to your local community. Here’s an overview of what you can access:

  1. Articles in depth :

    Discover detailed analyses and in-depth reports on local, national and international topics, reserved exclusively for our subscribers.

  2. Early access :

    Get priority access to certain articles and reports, so you can read the most important information before anyone else.

  3. Exclusive multimedia content :

    Immerse yourself in rich photo galleries and immersive videos that complement reports and articles.

  4. Special events and webinars :

    Participate in exclusive online events, such as webinars with journalists and experts, offering unique perspectives on topical issues.

  5. LeCLUB special offers :

    Enjoy exclusive benefits and discounts on a range of cultural and sporting events, as well as invitations to members-only events.

How can Sharesub enrich your subscriber experience?

Sharesub revolutionizes L’Est Républicain subscriptions, offering unprecedented flexibility and significant savings. By joining or creating a l’Est Républicain subscription-sharing group, you gain access to quality content at a reduced price, while discovering a community of subscribers who share your interests. Enjoy your reading while optimizing your budget.


1. Do subscribers benefit from exclusive content?

Yes, subscribers have access to exclusive content not available to non-subscribing readers. This can include in-depth articles, special features, and more.

2. How can I offer a subscription to L’Est Républicain?

L’Est Républicain offers gift cards for paper or digital subscriptions, or both. It’s an original gift idea that keeps the recipient informed all year round.

3. What should I do if I encounter problems with my subscription?

If you have a problem with your subscription, you can contact L’Est Républicain customer service directly via their website or by e-mail. A dedicated team is on hand to answer all your questions and resolve any problems you may encounter.

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