You love waking up to your favorite music, but don’t know how to get Spotify to play your favorite song as an alarm? Did you know that, depending on your device, there are different methods and applications that can turn your morning experience into a pleasant moment with your Spotify playlists? We’ll walk you through the steps to set up Spotify as your personal alarm clock, whether you’re using an Android, iPhone or even a smart speaker.

Setting Spotify as an alarm clock on different devices

Wake up with Spotify? It’s possible and adaptable to your device. Whether via the Clock app on Android, third-party apps on iPhone, or even smart speakers, discover how to personalize your mornings with your favorite tunes. Follow the steps detailed in the following sections for each type of device.

Setting up Google Clock on Android

To set Spotify as an alarm clock on your Android device, the Google Clock application is your best ally.

Here’s how to do it step by step:

  1. Application updates :

    Make sure your Google Clock application is updated to version 5.3 or later, and that Spotify is at version or higher. These versions guarantee compatibility between the two applications.

  2. Open Google Clock:

    Launch the Clock application on your Android device. You’ll usually find it on your home screen or in the application drawer.

  3. Create a new alarm:

    Press the “+” icon to add a new alarm. Set the time you want to wake up.

  4. Ringer selection:

    Once the alarm has been created, press the “Ringtone” option for your new alarm. You’ll then see a list of ringtone options.

  5. Connect to Spotify:

    Scroll down until you see the Spotify option. Select it. If you’re using this feature for the first time, you’ll need to link your Spotify account to the Clock application. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect to your Spotify account.

  6. Music selection:

    After logging in, you can choose to wake up to a specific playlist, your saved songs, or even search for a particular song. Select your favorite music to start your day.

  7. Save your alarm:

    Once you’ve chosen your music, press “Back” to return to the alarm screen, then press “Save” to confirm your new music alarm.

  8. Test your alarm:

    It’s a good idea to test your alarm to make sure it’s working as intended. Set the alarm for a few minutes later and wait to see if it goes off with your chosen Spotify music.

Use with iPhone alarm clock applications

On the iPhone, Spotify integration to set a music alarm requires the use of third-party applications, as the native iOS Clock application doesn’t offer this functionality directly. Here’s how you can use Spotify to wake up to your favorite tunes on your iPhone.

Alarm & Ringtone for Spotify is one of the most user-friendly applications for this task. It lets you easily link your Spotify account and choose any song from your Spotify library as your alarm ringtone. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Download and install the application from the App Store.
  2. Log in to your Spotify account.
  3. Select the option to create a new alarm.
  4. Search for and select the song you wish to use.
  5. Set the alarm time and save.

Another option is Spotify Alarm Clock. Although this app offers direct integration with Spotify, it does have limitations, such as the need to remain open for the alarm to work properly. The steps are similar to those for the previous app, but make sure your iPhone stays on and the app doesn’t close overnight.

Morning™ Alarm Clock for Spotify is also an excellent alternative, specially designed for users with a Spotify Premium subscription. It not only lets you choose specific songs, but also playlists to wake you up to. After installing the application and connecting your Spotify Premium account :

  1. Access the alarm creation option.
  2. Select your favorite playlist or song.
  3. Set alarm time and repeat days.
  4. Activate the alarm and wake up to music.

These applications may require specific permissions to access your Spotify account and play music. Make sure you configure them correctly to avoid any problems at alarm time. Also, bear in mind that alarm reliability may depend on your Internet connection and the stability of your chosen application.

Optimization on smart speakers (Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc.)

For those who use smart speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home, setting Spotify to wake up to your favorite music is an attractive feature. Here’s how you can get the most out of Spotify with these devices.

Amazon Echo:

  1. Set Spotify as your default music service: Open the Alexa app, go to Settings, then select ‘Music’. Here you can link your Spotify account and set it as your default music service.
  2. Create a routine: In the Alexa application, go to ‘More’ then ‘Routines’. Create a new routine by choosing ‘Add an action’, then ‘Music’. Enter the name of the playlist or song you want to play, and specify Spotify as the service you want to use.
  3. Set alarm time: Define the time you want the routine to go off. You can also choose specific days for the alarm.

Google Home:

  1. Connect your Spotify account: Make sure your Spotify account is connected to your Google Home via the Google Home application.
  2. Use voice commands to set the alarm: simply say “Hey Google, set an alarm for [heure] with [nom de la playlist ou de la chanson sur Spotify]”. Google Home will confirm the alarm time and the chosen music.
  3. Check your alarms: You can ask Google Home to list your active alarms by saying “Hey Google, what are my alarms?”


  1. Add Spotify to Sonos: Open the Sonos application and add Spotify as a music service by going to ‘Services & Voice’.
  2. Set the alarm: In the Sonos application, go to ‘Alarms’, create a new alarm, choose the time, days of the week, and select a playlist or specific song on Spotify as the alarm sound.

Spotify subscriptions and alarm implications

When considering using Spotify as an alarm clock, it’s essential to understand the differences between Spotify Premium and Free subscriptions, and their specific implications for this feature.

Differences between Spotify Premium and Free Spotify offers two main types of subscription: Premium and Free. With a Free account, you can listen to music with ad interruptions and are limited to a shuffle mode on mobile devices. The Premium subscription, on the other hand, allows you to listen to music ad-free, skip songs at will and access offline playback.

Limitations of the Free subscription for use as an alarm clock Using Spotify Free as an alarm clock presents a few constraints. Firstly, the wake-up feature may require the Spotify app to be open to work properly, which isn’t always practical. What’s more, with the Free subscription, you can’t choose a specific song as your alarm; instead, the app will play a random selection of songs that might not be ideal for waking you up.

Spotify Premium benefits for a personalized wake-up experience Choosing Spotify Premium completely transforms the wake-up experience. With Premium, you can choose exactly which song, playlist or album you want to hear when you wake up. This allows you to start your day with a song that motivates or soothes you, depending on your mood or needs. What’s more, integration with third-party wake-up apps is often smoother with Spotify Premium, as these apps can directly access your Spotify library without restrictions.

Integrate Sharesub to maximize your Spotify subscription

If you’re a regular Spotify user, especially for features like alarm clocks, optimizing your Spotify Premium subscription can be crucial. Sharesub offers an innovative solution that significantly reduces the cost of this subscription. By joining or creating a Spotify subscription sharing group on Sharesub, you can split the price of the service, making advanced features more accessible without paying full price. This practice is entirely legal and secure, ensuring that you get the best Spotify experience while keeping your budget in check. So not only do you enjoy your favorite music as an alarm every morning, you do it economically, maximizing your subscription with no extra effort. For those looking to expand their listening options without breaking the bank, Sharesub is an indispensable option.


1. Can I use any music from Spotify as my alarm clock ringtone?

Yes, you can use any music available on Spotify as an alarm clock ringtone as long as you use compatible apps like the Google Clock app on Android or third-party apps on iOS. Just make sure you connect your Spotify account to the alarm clock application.

2. Do I need a Spotify Premium subscription to set a music alarm?

No, you don’t necessarily need a Premium subscription to use Spotify as an alarm clock on the Google Clock app, but some features like direct selection of specific songs may be limited to Premium users depending on the app used.

3. How do I set Spotify music as an alarm clock on an iPhone?

On iPhone, you’ll need a third-party application such as Kello Alarm Clock or Music Alarm Clock, as the native alarm clock application doesn’t integrate Spotify directly. Follow the application’s instructions to connect your Spotify account and select your music.

4. Can I use entire Spotify playlists as alarm clock ringtones?

Yes, with the right apps like Google’s Clock app on Android, you can choose entire Spotify playlists to wake up to. This allows you to vary the music that plays each morning.

5. What happens if my Internet connection is interrupted?

If your Internet connection is interrupted, the alarm may not play Spotify music and may revert to the default ringtone to make sure you don’t miss your alarm.

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