The existence of a multitude of streaming platforms makes it very easy to listen to the music we like, no matter where you are on the globe. Among these different platforms there is one in particular: Anghami. Thanks to its Anghami Family plan, you can share your subscription with other people of your choice. This post explains the procedures to follow to do so as well as the different sharing solutions available to you.

Anghami, the Spotify of the East

Created in Lebanon, Anghami is a music streaming platform. It offers more than 70 million users access to a wide range of Arabic and international songs. You can find tracks, albums, playlists, and even podcasts.

Its various features allow you to listen to and download your favorite songs for free. Like other music streaming platforms, Anghami has personalized recommendations, advanced search filters and parental control tools. Enjoy an unforgettable listening experience with this platform.

Anghami: advantages, disadvantages and alternatives

Anghami’s leadership in music streaming in the MENA region is no accident. Indeed, the platform has many advantages that set it apart from its competitors. First of all, it offers a huge library of Arabic and international music. Moreover, it is very easy to use and does not suffer from bugs.

Its design as well as some other features also distinguish it. The most important thing is that it allows you to listen to music for free, and if you subscribe to the Anghami Plus plan, you can download its music and listen to it without connection. Moreover, the application is functional on all platforms: Windows, Android, iOS and the web.

The reproaches that one could make is its semblance of musical censorship. Indeed, it happens to notice that the platform removes songs from artists’ albums (perhaps for cultural or religious reasons). Adding a little more diversity could also improve the platform.

There are a few alternatives to the Anghami platform if you wish. They include Spotify, Sound Cloud, Deezer, VEVO and Jamendo.

Anghami Family : the subscription plan

In addition to its free offer, Anghami offers users two subscription plans: Anghami Plus and Anghami Family.

The Anghami Plus plan allows the user to listen to their favorite songs without commercial interruptions, download their music and listen to it offline. The subscription is monthly and costs 2,82 €/month. It can only be used by one account.

The Anghami Family plan is, if we may say so, the real Anghami subscription plan. In addition to bringing together all the features available in the Anghami Plus offer, it allows you to use the same subscription with 5 other users who each have their own accounts. Monthly rate plan at €7.08/month, it allows you to save money by opting for an annual plan of €70.84. This offer is only available under certain conditions.

You always have the option to cancel any plan at any time. However, you will not be refunded if you exceed a limit of 14 days of use of the platform.

Anghami Family subscription sharing

As mentioned above, the Family plan of the Anghami platform allows you to share your subscription with 5 users of your choice (parents and friends, relatives, subscribers…). Governed by certain conditions, this sharing is very beneficial because it is not an account sharing but a subscription sharing. Each subscriber has their own account and can therefore access their own libraries, lists of recommendations, reads or likes.

Totally legal and secure, the sharing contains some restrictions. The owner can remove subscribers who no longer charge after their subscription expires. If the person he is sharing with is a relative, he may hide some explicit songs. But, this does not concern the regular subscribers.

Sharesub: the Anghami Family subscription sharing solution

The Sharesub site allows you to share your Anghami Family subscription in complete protection. Not only does it allow you to reach many more people who will want to join your subscription, but you are guaranteed that these people are completely reliable.

You can always chat with your subscribers through an instant messenger.

Time required: 4 minutes.

To share your Anghami Family subscription, you must from the Web

  1. Go to the Anghami websiteaccédez aux fonctionnalités de Anghami

  2. Login to your accountinscrivez vous sur Anghami

  3. Visit your library

  4. Select the “wheel” to access your account settings

  5. Select the subscription you want to share

  6. Go to the menu and then to the “Manage your subscriptions” section

  7. Generate the share link and send it to the person you are sharing with.

  8. The link is now available for sharing

  9. Choose how you want to share the invitation link.

  10. Once he already has his account, he only has to click on the link and the subscription will be activated automatically.

If you are interested in our sharing solution, take action and share your Anghami Family subscription now.

Also, if the idea of having access to a multitude of oriental songs allowing you to discover new styles interests you, join an Anghami Family share.

Closing remarks

Developed in 2012 by Eddy Maroun and Elie Habib, the Anghami platform is a pioneer of music streaming in the Middle East and North Africa. With its Family plan, it allows you to use 6 different accounts with the same subscription. To do this legally and securely, you have many sharing solutions, including Sharesub.

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