You took RMC Sport to watch your favourite matches but the season is over? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to cancel your RMC Sport account so you can put it back on whenever you like! A lot of savings 😎

Types of RMC Sport subscriptions

Subscriptions with Commitment

RMC Sport offers a range of subscription packages to meet the varied needs of its users. Among these, the commitment option offers a degree of stability, ideal for sports fans who want uninterrupted access to their favorite content. These subscriptions can be taken out directly with RMC Sport or via partner operators such as SFR. They generally offer a fixed commitment period, after which the subscriber is free to continue or terminate the subscription.

Commitment-free subscriptions

For those who prefer greater flexibility, RMC Sport also offers no-commitment subscriptions. These offers are perfect for viewers who want greater freedom, allowing them to cancel their subscription at any time at no extra cost. RMC Sport’s 100% digital offer is a typical example of this type of subscription, offering full access to RMC Sport content, including soccer and combat sports, without the constraints of a long-term commitment.

These different packages offer a full range of options, from more traditional subscriptions with commitment to more flexible packages without commitment, and combinations with other services such as beIN SPORTS and DAZN. Each formula is designed to suit the different needs and preferences of sports enthusiasts, ensuring that every fan finds the offer that suits them best.

Information on RMC Sport subscription types has been summarized from their help and offers pages on their official website (RMC Sport). For more detailed and up-to-date information, I recommend you visit their site directly.

Cancellation procedures

Cancel via Box Internet (SFR, RED by SFR)

In the world of sports subscriptions, flexibility is key, and at RMC Sport, they’ve understood this. For subscribers via the SFR or RED by SFR Internet boxes, cancelling your RMC Sport subscription is a relatively simple but structured process. Follow the guide!

Cancellation steps for SFR subscribers

  • Accessing the SFR Customer Area: The first step is to connect to your SFR customer area. This is the starting point for all the administrative formalities concerning your subscription.
  • Navigation to Subscription Management: Once logged in, go to the section where you can manage your options and subscriptions.
  • Cancellation Request: Here you will find the option to cancel your RMC Sport subscription. Follow the on-screen instructions to finalize the request.

Cancellation steps for RED by SFR subscribers

RED by SFR subscribers will follow a similar process, first logging in to their RED customer area. The steps are intuitive and designed to guide you smoothly through the termination process.

Cancel 100% Digital Subscription

For those who have chosen the freedom of a 100% digital subscription, termination is as easy as a click.

Online cancellation procedure

  • Log in to your RMC Sport account: Log in to your account on the RMC Sport website.
  • Subscription management : Access your subscription management section.
  • Cancellation: Follow the instructions to cancel your subscription. The site is designed to guide you step by step.

Cancel on Other Media (Consoles, Apple TV, Android TV)

RMC Sport has also thought about those who use platforms such as games consoles, Apple TV or Android TV.

  1. Access your account via Support

    Log in to your RMC Sport account via the relevant support.

  2. Navigate to Subscription Settings

    Find the option to manage your subscription.

  3. Cancellation

    Follow the steps below to cancel your subscription from this support.

So, whether you’re an avid SFR box user, a fan of the 100% digital solution, or a fan of the flexibility of modern media like consoles and smart TVs, RMC Sport makes cancelling your subscription as easy and seamless as possible.

For more detailed instructions specific to your situation, I recommend that you consult the cancellation guides on the RMC Sport, SFR and RED by SFR websites.

Practical advice

When to cancel?


For RMC Sport subscriptions, the ideal time to request cancellation depends on the type of commitment you have chosen. If you have an annually-renewing subscription, it’s crucial to start the cancellation procedure before the contract anniversary date. Under the Hamon law, you can cancel your contract at any time after the first year, without waiting for the annual renewal date. If you are in the first year of your contract, early termination is limited to cases of force majeure.

For Offers with Commitment

Subscriptions with a 12-month commitment can be cancelled at any time after the first year. However, if you wish to cancel during the first year, you must meet certain specific conditions linked to exceptional situations (long-term hospitalization, overindebtedness, etc.). Fees may apply if cancellation takes place before the end of the commitment period.

For no-commitment offers

If you have a non-binding subscription, you are free to cancel at any time at no extra cost. The simplicity and flexibility of these offers make them easy to cancel, tailored to your needs and with no additional constraints.

Cancellation fees to be expected

For offers with a commitment, it’s important to note that cancellation fees may apply if you cancel before the end of the commitment period. These fees generally correspond to the remaining monthly payments due until the end of your commitment period. For non-binding offers, there are no cancellation fees, offering greater flexibility.

Using Sharesub after Termination

Reduced-price subscriptions

After cancelling your RMC Sport subscription, if you still want access to sports content but don’t want to recommit fully, Sharesub could be an excellent alternative. By joining a sharing group on Sharesub, you can benefit from access to subscriptions such as RMC Sport at a significantly reduced cost, offering an ideal compromise between access and economy.

Share your subscriptions

What’s more, Sharesub lets you share your other existing subscriptions. Whether for Netflix, Spotify, or any other streaming service, by sharing your available seats, you optimize your monthly expenses while allowing others to enjoy access at lower cost. It’s a win-win solution for all users involved.

RMC Sport Subscription Cancellation FAQ

1. Can I cancel my RMC Sport subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your RMC Sport subscription at any time if you are a non-binding subscriber. For subscriptions with commitment, cancellation is possible after the first year of commitment, in accordance with the Hamon law.

2. What are the legitimate grounds for early termination?

You may cancel for a legitimate reason in the event of exceptional circumstances such as long-term hospitalization, overindebtedness, serious disability, death of the subscriber, loss of permanent employment, incarceration of more than three months, a move outside France, or a substantial change to the contract (e.g., discontinuation of the Téléfoot channel).

3. Do I need to send a registered letter to cancel?

Although it’s not always necessary, especially for non-binding subscriptions, sending a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt is advisable to keep an official record, especially in the case of early termination for legitimate reasons.

4. How do I cancel if I use RMC Sport on a console or Apple TV?

Cancellation of RMC Sport on media such as PlayStation, Apple TV, or Android TV is usually done via the RMC Sport customer area on the Internet. Simply log in, select the RMC Sport monthly subscription in your services and confirm the cancellation.

5. If I cancel my SFR Internet subscription, will I still have an active subscription to RMC Sport?

Yes, RMC Sport and SFR subscriptions are independent. If you cancel your SFR internet subscription, you can still access RMC Sport 100% digital, provided you comply with the conditions of the RMC Sport subscription.

6. Is there a right of withdrawal for the RMC Sport subscription?

No, as RMC Sport subscriptions are digital content provided by streaming, they do not benefit from a right of withdrawal in accordance with the French Consumer Code.

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