How to get a cheap Spotify Premium account 🎧

Discover this service, it’s premium plans, and a tutorial on how to save money by sharing account with relatives.

Spotify, the best streaming service provider to date?

Spotify is a Swedish company, founded in 2006, which offers online music streaming services. It is developing a website as well as applications for Smartphones and for pc and mac computers, which allow access to music by more than x artists. The service has more than 100 million users in 2019.

Description of the service

Spotify music streaming is a very high quality service offering a huge music catalog. He is currently in competition with Deezer and Apple music, and Spotify’s music catalog is over 40 million titles like that of Deezer.

One of Spotify’s strong points is its ability to offer new discoveries: Daliy mix, playlists and personalized radios allow you to discover and renew everyday music. Based on our preferences, recommendation algorithms are often advice.

We also like in this music streaming service the possibility of following artists to be notified of upcoming concerts in our region, or even being able to follow friends to discover their new hits. Because we all have a good friend passionate about music whose tubes and mixes we love.

Price and services

Spotify Free at € 0 per month is the company’s free service. It allows you to use the service for free but you will be regularly interrupted by advertising and will not be able to choose the order of the music in the playlists, or to play all the music that you do not like.

Spotify Premium at € 9.90 per month is the paid version of the service, free of advertising, and allowing you to listen to music offline, and to freely choose the music you want to listen to. It allows only one user.

Spotify Premium Family at € 14.99 per month offers the same services as the Premium version, but can be shared between 6 users, a cost per user which drops to € 2.49. A good deal.

How many devices can you use an account on?

Each account can install Spotify and use it on 5 devices (i.e. 6 x 5 devices in Family), however, listening is only possible one device at a time per account.

Possible interactions between co-subscribers
Sharing spotify is also an opportunity to share playlists and follow co-subscribers, to discover new titles and avoid going around in circles in your own playlists.

Is it safe to share an account?

Account sharing poses no security risk, as each user has their own credentials. The company, however, requests that sharing a Family account be limited to the family, and this works by simply declaring a common address.

It is therefore necessary that the person sharing the subscription gives you the address they have entered in the account.

How to share my Spotify Subscription?

You are the subscription manager, here are the actions to perform:

  • Click on your name then on “account”
  • In the open web page, click on the left on “Spotify Family”
  • If you do not have a family subscription but a simple premium subscription, you can change this in the account easily.
  • Click on “Add to family subscription”
  • Then on “Invite to Spotify Premium subscription”
  • Copy the invitation link and send it to the members you want to invite, specifying the address you provided in your account.

You are invited on a subscription:

  • Click on the invitation link you received
  • Register if you do not have an account. If you already have a free one, you can use it to connect with to keep all your playlists.
  • Confirm your address. It must be the same as that of the owner.

How much can I save by sharing my account?

By sharing your account, you can get reimbursed the 5 sixths of the price. This represents € 12.50 per month in savings.

How do I share the subscription fees with my co-subscribers?

Spotify does not offer to split fees among plan members, but you can easily share these fees by signing up for Sharesub. By entering some information about the subscription, you will get a sharing link: this link will allow your co-subscribers to enter their payment card and a monthly charge will be made to credit your account.

Let those around you take advantage of this Spotify account for a very low price by sending them a Sharesub share link! You will be worshiped.