You’ve heard of the practice of sharing subscriptions with friends and family, and have probably been tempted to do so, but do you have any doubts about its legality? Here are the facts and reasons why subscription sharing is legal.

The general conditions of use

Many subscription providers include terms and conditions in their contracts that allow sharing of subscriptions with family members or even friends, often without any restrictions.

In general, as long as usage is reasonable and does not exceed a certain number of concurrent users, subscription sharing is allowed. Sharesub helps you to respect these limits by using templates in which the number of authorized places is pre-filled.

These subscriptions have been designed by companies to be used by several people, with different accounts or profiles: so why would you deprive yourself when you pay for it?

Case law in favour of subscription sharing

There are legal precedents that show that subscription sharing is not considered illegal. Indeed, subscription sharing is often considered a fair practice that does not affect the commercial interests of the subscription providers as long as they are responsible for their marketing.

Economic benefits and moderate risks

Subscription sharing can offer many economic benefits to consumers. By sharing a subscription, you can reduce costs for each participant while enjoying the same service. It is an ideal solution for families or groups looking to save money while enjoying quality services.

On the side of service or media publishers, subscriptions shared by several users are a considerable source of revenue. Indeed, studies show that shared subscriptions, although allowing the publisher a lower profit per user, ultimately bring him more revenue because the users :

  • are more loyal and remain subscribers longer
  • subscribe to the service and participate financially when they would never have subscribed, cancelled or not necessarily chosen this service
  • Are a marketing vector, because a person who does not know the service and is invited by third parties will probably make a habit of it.

Finally, the risks of sharing are very low or non-existent if you have taken care to choose unique passwords that are not used for your other accounts.

Subscription sharing may seem controversial, but the facts and case law clearly show that it is a legal practice. In addition, subscription sharing can offer many economic benefits for consumers looking to save money while having a real stake in the publishers who designed them. So don’t hesitate to share your subscriptions with your friends and family to enjoy all the benefits they can offer you!

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