Security and privacy on the Internet are very important. When you surf the Internet, it is essential to protect yourself and your data. This is exactly what Cyberghost VPN offers. With Cyberghost VPN, you can regain control over what you share on the Internet while protecting your digital identity by hiding your IP address. Cyberghost VPN is used with a subscription, which can represent a certain financial cost. But don’t worry, it is possible to share Cyberghost VPN with your friends and family!

Cyberghost VPN offer

In order to use Cyberghost VPN services, you need to take out a subscription. Several packages are available so that you can choose the one that suits you best:

  • The 1 month offer at 11,99€ per month with a 14 days money back guarantee;
  • The 6 months offer at 6,99€ per month (billed 41,94€ every 6 months) with a 45 days money back guarantee:
  • The 1 year offer at 3,75€ per month (billed at 45€ per year) with a 45 days money back guarantee;
  • The 2-year offer at €2.95 per month (billed at €70.80 every 2 years) with a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Moreover, Cyberghost regularly offers promotional offers for its VPN subscription and even additional packages at certain times of the year. For example, during Black Friday, it is possible to subscribe to a 2 or 3 year offer at a very advantageous price and including several additional months for free. In addition to that, Cyberghost offers you the Cyberghost Security suite for €4.50 per month, which includes an antivirus.

Whatever formula you choose you will have :

  • 24/7 customer support;
  • Over 9,200 VPN servers;
  • Dedicated applications for many devices;
  • Possibility to receive alerts in case of password or e-mail leakage;
  • The sharing of your subscription with 6 of your relatives.

Learn how to share your Cyberghost VPN subscription

To share my Cyberghost VPN subscription, the procedure is really simple since account sharing is included in the subscription. So, for your loved ones, joining a Cyberghost VPN share will not be a problem. Find out how to share Cyberghost VPN without further ado:

Time required: 3 minutes.

Share your Cyberghost VPN subscription

  1. Log in to the Cyberghost website

    Start by going to the Cyberghost website from a web browser and click on “my account” at the top right to log in.présentation du produit cyberghost vpn

  2. Access your account status

    Once logged into your account, you can access your account status from your dashboard.apperçu de son compte cyberghost vpn

  3. Click on “download area”.

    From your dashboard, click on “download area” on the left of your screen. From there, you can download the Cyberghost application for many devices, but what we’re interested in is the “Manage my devices” part that will allow you to add an additional device or remove one.gérer les téléchargement de son abonnement cyberghost vpn

  4. Pass on your login details to your friends and family

    Cyberghost VPN subscription can be shared between 7 people (you + your relatives). In order for your friends or family members to enjoy the benefits of your subscription without spending any money, you will have to give them your login details. Therefore, it is best to use a specific email address and password for Cyberghost as your family and friends will be able to access your dashboard just like you.gérer les appareils qui utilisent l'abonnement cyberghost vpn

Cyberghost VPN Company

It was in 2011 that Cyberghost was established in Bucharest, Romania. This company aims to offer its users anonymity and security online. With over 70 professionals behind the company, Cyberghost has become one of the leaders in Internet privacy protection in just a few years. Today, Cyberghost has over 38 million users worldwide.

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