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Protection of your data

Sharesub uses a variety of means to protect your data. If we cannot describe all the technical solutions implemented, to avoid disclosing information that could…

Subscription sharing at no cost

Sharesub is the subscription sharing platform that guarantees you will not be charged when you offer your subscription for sharing. Indeed, thanks to our powerful…

Share your FuboTV subscription

FuboTV – Une expérience de streaming en direct de qualité supérieure FuboTV est un service de streaming en direct qui offre une expérience de qualité…

Enjoy exclusive advantages

Legal Service

Yes, it is legal to share a subscription. The content or service providers themselves allow you to share. Sharesub offers you a simple and more secure payment and refund management service.

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Buyer Protection Program

All your purchases are protected: we guarantee the functioning of the subscriptions, or refund you free of charge. After payment, you get access to the shared subscription. If you have a problem, our team will check and refund you free of charge if necessary.

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No fees when your share.

There are no fees for collecting money: transfers to your bank account are free and are processed automatically as soon as you reach a small minimum.

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Secure data

If you need to share confidential data such as IDs, passwords, license numbers or other information, Sharesub is the right solution to protect this data. Your exchanges are transmitted and stored with strong encryption (AES 256) to ensure your privacy.

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