The team

Sharesub is a fintech and sharing economy startup founded by Jean-Brice de Cazenove, Julien Salomon, and Benjamin Rodriguez. With the support of Geoffrey Mathern. The company is developing multi-payment solutions to allow as many people as possible to share their recurring expenses in a group.

Our mission

Increase consumers’ purchasing power and improve their access to media and services through innovative payment solutions.

The context

Our consumption patterns lead us to own dozens of subscriptions. For physical services: gas, electricity, wifi, car sharing, wine or food boxes; as well as virtual services: video and audio streaming, online games, software licenses or digital newspapers. Most of them can be shared, with grouped packages designed by the publishers.

The Sharesub service

Sharesub makes it easy for subscribers to share these recurring costs. No need to ask for reimbursements every month or to be left to bear the costs alone: simply describe the subscription to obtain a link and send it to your co-subscribers. Sharesub will charge their payment card the agreed upon amount on the subscription due dates.