Curious about learning a new language but don’t want to spend money? Don’t panic, this article will guide you and show you how to change the language and subtitles on Netflix.

How to change language and subtitles on Netflix

To adjust the audio language or subtitles of your favorite Netflix programs, start by selecting the movie or series you want to watch.

Once playback has started, proceed as follows:

  1. STEP 1:

    Access the playback options menu. This menu is usually accessed by clicking on the dialog or settings icon that appears at the bottom of the screen or in a corner.

  2. STEP 2:

    Select the “Audio and subtitles” option. A drop-down list appears, displaying the different languages available for audio and subtitles.

Please note that not all languages are available for all content. Availability varies according to the distribution agreements specific to each region and the medium used (computer, television, mobile). So be sure to check the options available for the content you’re watching.

By following these simple steps, you can personalize your viewing experience according to your language preferences or subtitling needs.

How to change the language on mobiles, computers and Smart TVs

To adjust the language on different devices, the method varies slightly depending on whether you’re using a cell phone, a computer or a Smart TV.

  • On mobiles and computers: When viewing content, simply touch the screen to bring up the playback options. You’ll see a dialog or parameter icon, usually located at the bottom or in a corner of the screen. Select this icon, then choose “Audio and subtitles” to change the language or activate subtitles.
  • On Smart TV and connected devices: Use the remote control to access the same options. Press the “OK” or “Select” button while on a program to bring up the playback menu. Navigate to the settings icon and select “Audio and subtitles”.
  • On Apple TV: handling is a little different. Start content playback and press the up arrow on your Apple TV remote control. This will open a menu at the top of the screen where you can choose “Audio and subtitles” to make your adjustments.

These steps allow you to personalize your viewing experience according to the language you understand best or your subtitling preferences.

Customize subtitles

It’s easy to customize subtitles on Netflix to suit your preferences. Here’s how to adjust the font, size and style of subtitles directly from your account settings:

  1. Log in to your Netflix account and select your profile.
  2. Go to the “Account” tab in the drop-down menu below your profile icon.
  3. Scroll down to the “Profile and parental controls” section and select the profile for which you wish to modify subtitles.
  4. Click on “Appearance of subtitles”. You’ll then see a window allowing you to customize the font, size, color, shadow and background of the subtitles.

These adjustments will help improve your viewing experience, especially if you have specific preferences or visibility requirements. Once you’ve made your changes, they’ll apply to all the devices on which you use Netflix with your profile.

How Sharesub can complement your Netflix experience

Sharesub offers an innovative approach to maximizing your Netflix subscription, especially if you like to explore content in different languages. By enabling Netflix subscription sharing, Sharesub reduces your monthly expenses while maintaining access to a wide range of international series and films. This saving can be particularly attractive for those who use Netflix’s multilingual options, enabling them to discover a variety of cultures and languages without leaving the comfort of their living room.

By joining a sharing group on Sharesub, you can not only split the cost of the subscription, but also exchange recommendations and language settings with other users. This enriches your viewing experience, exposing you to perspectives and content choices you might not have considered before. So Sharesub doesn’t just save you money – it opens the door to a more diverse and personalized Netflix experience.


1. How can I change the language of the Netflix interface on my TV?

To change the interface language on your TV, start by opening the Netflix application and selecting your profile. Then go to the profile settings and select “Language”. Choose your language from those available, and it will be automatically updated on your interface.

2. What if the interface language doesn’t change after I’ve selected a new language?

If the interface language doesn’t update, try logging out of your Netflix account and logging back in. This action can help refresh your profile settings.

3. Can I have different languages for different profiles on the same Netflix account?

Yes, Netflix allows you to set different language preferences for each profile on the same account. Simply change the language in the settings for each individual profile.

4. Does changing the language affect content recommendations on Netflix?

Yes, changing the language of your profile can influence the content recommendations that Netflix offers you, as it adapts its suggestions according to language and regional preferences.

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